Welcome to Process Observation.

This tool is a website based application (web app). Until you hit save, nothing is recorded. Please complete the observation within the same day as the committee met.

This tool only works with your use. It asks you to record your observations (what you see and hear, what you notice). Observers are asked to focus on behaviors not content of arguments.

We need your gifts to make this measure of participation work best. Process Observers should come from all walks of life and circumstances. You cannot be too (fill in the blank with any descriptor) to be an observer, as long as you can access the app and record your observations. You are uniquely qualified to notice differently than others. You can observe a committee from the observers seating area.

We’ve asked leaders to use committee practices that will make your job of identifying participators easier – persons speaking are asked to identify themselves by name and presbytery before they speak. Microphones will be used in committee rooms to make sure all can hear one another. Listen for the First name and presbytery of the speaker and that should help you identify them in the app.

POWA (the process observation web application), like its counterpart, PC-Biz, is optimized for smart phone and tablet access. The content screens are navigable by scrolling and clicking. You can also use a laptop computer. A fact sheet of representation in each committee room will be available in PC-Biz, under the resources tab.

PC-Biz Resources
PC-Biz Committee Profiles

A key to effective process observation is remembering it is NOT about the content of the discussions. You need to record what you see and hear. The “how” decisions were made matters most of all to this consideration. This begins with simply noting who speaks and how many times. A simple + and - button beside a participant’s name will give you a way to record when they speak (and make corrections when you accidentally record participation in error).

After you record a committee's participation or are completing an observation period, hit save and you will be presented with questions to explore what you saw and heard. The focus will be on what you noticed…and what patterns you saw and heard during your observations. The survey is 15-20 questions and is important in gathering your wisdom.

Thank you. We cannot measure participation without you. Data is used to advise leaders on practices that are more inclusive, patterns shown to different processes and help them prepare to host the most participative GA committee they can. Please widen our circles by inviting others to observe the committees and attend to how we make decisions in the Presbyterian Church USA.

If you'd like to print a copy of the form, click here.

Thank you!

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